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The new way to social media

Create interactive diaries to capture and share knowledge, and build meaningful connections in the layout of trees.

Connect. Share. Play. Repeat

Connect with friends and family, share your experiences, play games, and repeat the cycle on our social media platform.

The more you use, the higher you are on the leaderboard

Earn points whenever you use the app and be placed on a leaderboard.

About the company

BFF Gram is developing a social networking application that combines creating meaningful connections

Quote from CEO

Quote from Founder


We hope to help bring back Social Media to its roots of connecting families. At BFF Gram, we aim to be. Force for Good by supporting different researches and one or more Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) such as Zero Hunger.


Monah Al Jneibi

Founder & CEO



Do it all with BFF Gram and get trendy NFTs too with your consultation.



It is US$0.02 for one token

The app is currently in the testing phases. Interested users are highly encouraged to email us so we can send you details of when a test version can be available. We would love to hear feedback so we can improve on any features or fix bugs so that upon launch, you will have the best experience and love it!

It is planned to launch in Q2 of this year and we will post updates as the production is underway along with some teasers and more

The current plan is to launch it within the UK and we do aim to expand in future. For those residing outside of the UK, please do register your interest here

Thank you so much for your interest! Please don’t hesitate to email us and our team will get back to you as soon as we can to answer your queries.



My father was a known-family poet and when he passed away, we realized my father didn’t write his poets down nor we audio/video recorded him. I regret not capturing that knowledge back then.
We just found out my mother has pure German ancestors, but we have no way of knowing who they are. I wish someone kept a record of our family tree long time ago.
I just renewed the family passports, I had to research the process of which website to use, how much and how long it will take. Where can I capture this knowledge, so it’s easy for my partner to do next time?.



Age 32

I am waiting for this application and I want to know and experience it

Age 28

The concept is very unique and good

Age 12

It’s colorful and easy to use

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